• Michelle Marchante

We do not need a ‘Yelp for humans’

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

This column was published by FIU Student Media's The Beacon. Image retrieved from Flickr.

Michelle Marchante/Staff Writer

Social media is a double-edged sword.

It’s a great tool for communicating with others, but if used in the wrong way, can easily damage someone’s reputation – so where should we draw the line?

When it begins to affect someone’s personal life. When it’s no longer just celebrities and other public figures being judged online by complete strangers but regular, everyday people being scrutinized.

An example of this would be Peeple, a brand new app that plans to be released sometime in November.

The app, often referred to as the “Yelp for humans,” will allow people to give reviews and 1-to-5 star ratings to everyone they have ever met: classmates, co-workers, friends and exes can all be reviewed.

The difference between Peeple and other social media sites is that when someone is judged based on their latest photo or status on social media, they’re judged on something that they have consented to post.

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