• Michelle Marchante

Florida in “existential crisis” over climate change, influencers say

Photo by Michelle Marchante

By Michelle Marchante/Editor-in-Chief

Inconsistent communication and lack of awareness are just some of the reasons why Florida is in a “existential crisis” over climate change, according to environmental influencers who attended the first day of the Florida Priorities Summit at the University of Miami on Tuesday.

“Just like the Cuban Revolution took everything away, sea level and climate change will take everything away,” said Xavier Cortada, an artist-in-residence at Florida International University who is using his art to raise sea-level rise awareness.

Cortada is one of the Influencers participating in Florida Priorities, the two-day summit that is part of an ongoing project hosted by the Miami Herald, el Nuevo Herald and the Bradenton Herald.  The series has used questions from readers and responses from 50 Florida experts from various disciplines to identify the key challenges facing the state.

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