Here you can find a showcase of some of my favorite videos ranging from news reports, profiles, short films and tributes. If you want to see some of my written work such as articles and columns, please click here. If you want to see some of my graphics, click here and if you want to hear some of my radio work click here.

Long-format (4-7 Min Videos)

News Report: Violence in emergency departments has increased, survey shows

Roles: Producer, Reporter, Videographer, Editor

News Report Documentary: Where Did the Sand Go?

Roles: Producer, Reporter

Short Film: The Misadventures of Young Merlin

Roles: Producer, Director, Scriptwriter, Editor


Packages (1-3 Min. Videos)

News Report: Inside Look to Florida's 2018 Midterm Elections: Bundled Amendments

Roles: Reporter, Videographer, Editor

News Report: City of Miami voters say no to strong mayor referendum

Roles: Reporter, Videographer, Editor

Tribute: In Memory of The Myth

Roles: Editor