• Michelle Marchante

University contract with food vendor Aramark set to expire

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Photo by Michelle Marchante/PantherNOW

Michelle Marchante/News Director

A bid war for FIU’s dining service is underway as the University’s contract with food vendor Aramark is set to expire in June.

The University’s initial contract with the newly chosen “Successful Vendor” will be for 10 years, with the University having the option to renew the contract for two 5-year terms, according to the “invitation to negotiate” document the University released on Tuesday, Jan. 16, for interested vendors.

The vendor, according to the ITN, should have an established record of high quality and innovative dining solutions in higher education and also have the financial base needed to operate FIU’s Dining Services.

An annual “Miami Flavor” event, a movie theater bistro and secret menu items are examples of “innovative” concepts FIU would like interested vendors to build upon in their proposals, the ITN states.

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