• Michelle Marchante

Tau Kappa Epsilon suspended pending investigation

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

This breaking news update was published in FIU Student Media's PantherNOW. Image retrieved from Flickr.

Michelle Marchante/News Director

Tau Kappa Epsilon has been suspended for allegedly violating the University’s student code of conduct, following the release of screenshots depicting “inappropriate content” in the group’s TKE private chat, said Larry Lunsford, vice president of Student Affairs.

The incident was originally reported to Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution in July, according to Lunsford, but TKE was not found responsible because TKE said it was someone “impersonating” them, and there was no other evidence to say otherwise. Student Conduct had the content, but could not determine the group responsible for that, Lunsford said.

“When it got sent out by someone in September, we learned because individuals came forward who self-identified that we could in fact determine it was Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity and then charge them through Student Conduct,” Lunsford said in an interview with Student Media.

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