• Michelle Marchante

Social media and the millennial vote

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Image by Theresa Thompson via Flickr.

Social media may be one of the newest strategies used by presidential hopefuls to communicate with millennials, but according to four politically-involved young voters, each party will have to do more than just tweet to get this coveted demographic.

While their choice for president differs, they agree that Twitter and Facebook are the best way to stay connected to the campaigns. They also agree that while social media is great for spreading awareness, it’s less to get votes than to keep supporters from straying.

“If you’re not going to turn on the TV and turn on the ads you’ll see it somewhere [on social media] and millennials are usually on our phones,” said Lai Eng, 19, the chief financial officer of FIU’s College Democrats and a volunteer for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

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