• Michelle Marchante

SGC-MMC passes resolution supporting DACA students

This article was published in FIU Student Media's PantherNOW. Photo by Lizandra Portal/PantherNOW

Michelle Marchante/News Director

A resolution supporting the University’s undocumented student population unanimously passed Monday, Oct. 16, unifying MMC’s Student Government Council in their commitment to not let legal status affect a student’s voice on campus, senators said.

“The Inclusionary Resolution To Support The Undocumented Students, Faculty, And Community Members At Florida International University,” was authored by Francesca Riccio-Ackerman, a senator of the College of Engineering & Computing.

This resolution is an acknowledgement of the struggles undocumented members of the community face, of the anti-discrimination laws found in the FIU Handbook, and the right to accessible education.

SGC-MMC pledges to “include undocumented members of the community and their obstacles in dialogues with administrators for the next three years” and provide “special attention” to the financial struggles undocumented students may have, the resolution reads.

Unable to receive any federal funds, the only financial aid undocumented students are eligible for is at the state level, such as in-state tuition, according to Ackerman, but it’s limited. Students who qualify for in-state tuition for example, she said, must have attended a Florida high school for three years and enrolled in a college immediately upon graduation.

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