• Michelle Marchante

President Obama chooses Tango over Brussels​

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama dance the tango with tango dancers during the State Dinner at the Centro Cultural Kirchner, Wednesday, March 23, 2016, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo retrieved from Flickr.

Michelle Marchante/ Assistant Opinion Director

President Barack Obama is the student who stays up all night studying for a test but then forgets to set the alarm.

He may have started the most important and powerful job of the United States with good intentions but since he took office, he’s been nothing but a disaster. Even if he thinks he’s doing good, he somehow finds a way to royally screw it up. From the complete failure of ObamaCare to the horrible Iran Deal, the latest Hit ‘n’ Miss in Obama’s legacy is his trip to Cuba and unfortunately, his response to the Brussels bombings.

For the first time in almost 90 years, an American president stepped onto Cuban soil, an act that for some is an achievement of progress and for others, an insult to all the political refugees who fled it’s communism and all those who died fighting for Cuba’s freedom.

Obama’s goal was to show the world that by beginning to build a relationship with Cuba again, the U.S. could help improve its human rights. Sounds wonderful except for the fact that as long as Cuba continues to be run by a totalitarian regime, nothing will change.

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