• Michelle Marchante

Nerd culture is fake

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

This article was published in FIU Student Media's The Beacon.

Michelle Marchante | Contributing Writer

Celebrities walking around wearing shirts with comments such as, “I Love Nerds” and stating in interviews that they consider themselves nerds is probably the reason for the word’s newfound popularity, leading to stores that target young adults selling shirts with pictures of Hello Kitty wearing glasses with “nerd” sprawled across it with other accessories used as nerdy self-identifiers.

It’s like some secret campaign to stop bullying that hit the mainstream, without people realizing it, under the pretense of a new trend: Nerd Culture.

Instead of avoiding the term, as was done in the past, people claim to be nerds just because they saw the latest sci-fi film or say that they’re nerdy because they read a book.

A campaign against bullying is a great thing, but changing the meaning of a word that is constantly used to bully, in my opinion, will not stop the act of bullying.

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