• Michelle Marchante

Humanity to be unplugged in 2022

This column was published in FIU Student Media's The Beacon. Photo retrieved from NASA's Flickr.

Michelle Marchante/Assistant Opinion Director

How long do you think you could survive without technology? A week? A month? How about years? Unfortunately, the sad truth is that almost none of us would be able to survive more than a few days without aid from some type of technological advancement. With our civilization becoming more technologically dependent, even if we think we’re moving into the future, we’re actually moving backwards.

We’re capable of doing far more than our ancestors were ever able to thanks to these advancements but if we were to be entirely stripped of them, we would be far worse off.

Being stripped away of every possible tech-equipment in the world may seem impossible but it’s actually a reality that is quickly approaching; all that is required is contact from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to Earth from space, and unfortunately, it’s coming.

Experts have estimated that there is a significant chance of the Earth sustaining a direct hit by a massive geomagnetic solar storm, consisting of solar flares, which are sudden bursts of solar radiation that occur when the Sun suddenly releases a buildup of magnetic energy and coronal mass ejections- massive bursts of magnetic field and plasma that arise from the solar corona- by 2022.

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