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FIU recognized as one of the best colleges to work for

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

This article was published by FIU Student Media's PantherNOW. Video filmed by Michelle Marchante and edited by Nicole Malanga for PantherNOW.

Michelle Marchante/News Director

FIU is the only university in the United States this year to receive honor roll with recognition in all 12 categories of The Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual report, making it one of the best colleges to work for.

One of the largest and most respected workplace recognition programs in the country, The Chronicle’s 2017 Great Colleges to Work For recognized FIU in the following categories: Collaborative Governance, Compensation & Benefits, Confidence in Senior Leadership, Diversity, Facilities, Workspace & Security, Job Satisfaction, Professional/Career-Development Programs, Respect & Appreciation, Supervisor or Department-Chair Relationship, Teaching Environment, Tenure Clarity & Process, and Work/Life Balance.

This is not the first time FIU has received Honor Roll by the organization, Jaffus Hardrick, the vice provost for student access and success said to Panther Press, but this is the first time the university achieved recognition in all categories.

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