• Michelle Marchante

FIU on track to higher enrollment, online classes and retention

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

This article was published in FIU Student Media's PantherNOW. Image by Nicole Malanga/PantherNOW

Michelle Marchante/News Director

The University is on track to meeting their goals for their five year strategic plan which involves higher retention rates, increased enrollment and more online classes, university officials said.

Created by Provost Kenneth Furton in collaboration with students, faculty, staff, alumni and community leaders, the interdisciplinary plan Beyond Possible 2020 is a “roadmap” to the year 2020, according to Howard Holness, chief of academic administration, and focuses on 20 key performance indicators.

These indicators, according to the plan’s official document, focuses on four key areas: Student Success, Preeminent Programs, Carnegie Very High Research Designation and Financial Base/Efficiency.

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