• Michelle Marchante

WikiLeaks has become the new whistleblower

This column was published in FIU Student Media's PantherNOW. Image retrieved from Flickr.

Michelle Marchante/ Opinion Director

WikiLeaks has done it again, doing what American journalism has failed to do this election season: uncovering secrets that could sway the people’s vote, despite its questionable operator.

This time around, WikiLeaks has leaked emails from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta. The new emails show Podesta, Clinton’s communication campaign director, Jennifer Palmieri and other officials not only mocking Catholics and Evangelicals but also questioning the authenticity of their faith.

According to the leaked emails, some Clinton officials believe people are apparently open about their Catholic faith for two reasons: one, it’s socially intolerable to be an Evangelical and two, it’s because they have “severely backward” gender relations.

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