• Michelle Marchante

Superman’s Future (Part 1)

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

This is my first column as a staff writer for FIU Student Media's The Beacon.

Michelle Marchante | Staff Writer

There are a lot of similar superheroes, so what makes Superman’s character and story better than the others, so much as to label him as an “American Icon?”

Perhaps because while he has all these extraordinary powers he tries to live life like a normal person, or his commitment to saving a planet he’s learned to call home or that he’s virtually invincible so long as he avoids having Kryptonite in his premises.

I can’t help but feel curious, though, about what the future of Superman will entail as technology changes throughout the years.

Until I overheard a conversation between two students before class, I never really thought about this. Discussing events that had occurred in the comic books, I noticed they kept coming back to the scene where he changes costume in the phone booth. That got me thinking.

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